About Us.

As a technology provider, understanding the needs of Insurance companies is complicated, and communicating how you can help is even tougher. We know what it feels like to lose credibility and need to gain momentum.

5 Wards Group Partners

Rich Ward

Angela Pena-Ward

Why 5 Wards Group?

Unfortunately it’s common to feel like you’re missing something in an opportunity with a client or investor. You’ve likely wondered if there was some insight that could give you confidence and credibility instead. We know you want to become an InsurTech leader and it’s a competitive market and complicated industry to break into.

At 5 Wards we get it.

It is overwhelming to launch a startup selling into the Insurance industry that’s so traditionally conservative and risk-averse. For the past 30 years we’ve helped startups and Fortune 500 companies overcome the cycle of lost opportunities and gain confidence and distinction in the marketplace.

Rich’s decades in Insurance, running every major function of a company, and launching emerging products and services for Carriers globally has equipped him with a knowledge of what matters to Insurers everywhere.  His leadership in Digital Transformation for companies like Cisco, among others, created converted opportunities for sales and investor relations alike.  Let us show you how to effectively communicate the distinct value of your offering in a way that you become a critical partner for Insurers as well.

Angela’s career in sales and partner development brings years of proven winning methodologies to our clients. Clearly outlining the sales and partner roadmap to solve a customer’s problem with your product/service is key. Her passion for coaching teams and effective communication when delivering the 5 Wards Group recommendations will help you win, too. 

We are committed to helping you grow in this vertical so you can stop feeling overwhelmed. 

The process is simple:  

  1. Book a Consultation
  2. We’ll Create Your Custom Strategy
  3. Together We’ll Win Deals 

After you schedule a consultation with one of our industry experts, you’ll have taken the first step to accelerate success in InsurTech.

We believe you can get ahead and deserve a chance to be a critical player to Insurers.  Let us help you understand their business in a way no one else has, and we’ll explain what they need so that you can continue becoming more respected and credible provider to insurers everywhere. 

Schedule a call with our team so we can get started.